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Parental control apps can be a helpful tool in managing and monitoring your child's online activities, especially when they are younger and less experienced with the digital world.

However, it's important to recognise that these apps should be part of a comprehensive approach to online safety (It should compliment your efforts).

Open communication, education about internet risks, and teaching responsible online behaviour are equally crucial.

Over-reliance on parental control apps without fostering a deeper understanding of online safety might limit your child's ability to develop critical thinking skills and make informed decisions as they grow older.

Ultimately, parental control apps can assist in creating a safer online environment, but they should be used in conjunction with active parental involvement and guidance.

As a parent, fostering a strong foundation of open communication, education, and trust with your child can significantly reduce the need for parental control applications.

Also as a parent, By actively engaging in discussions about internet safety, setting clear expectations, and teaching responsible online behaviour, you can empower your child to make informed decisions while using digital devices.

Here are some steps you can take or should already be doing:

1. **Educate**: Teach your child about online risks, privacy, and the potential consequences of their actions. Help them understand how to identify and handle inappropriate content.

2. **Set Guidelines**: Establish clear rules and boundaries for device usage, screen time, and the types of content they can access.

3. **Lead by Example**: Be a positive role model for your child by demonstrating responsible online behaviour and managing your own screen time.

4. **Encourage Questions**: Create an environment where your child feels comfortable asking questions and seeking guidance about online activities.

5. **Monitor Responsibly**: While reducing reliance on parental control apps is the goal, occasional monitoring and discussions about their online experiences can still be important.

6. **Stay Informed**: Keep up-to-date with the latest online trends and technologies, so you can better guide and protect your child.

Remember, the ultimate goal is to help your child develop the skills and judgment needed to navigate the digital world safely and responsibly on their own.

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