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Happy Belated Social Media Day

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

We recently celebrated Social Media Day (June 30th 2019)… The day is meant to be a way of highlighting all the things that social networks offer…

Social media makes it possible to stay connected and informed about those important people in our lives.

Reconnecting with classmates, past work associates are also a valuable part of social media.

It has also made it possible to connect with ancestors and find relatives you never even knew existed. Yes, the family tree has become a social media platform as well.

With all the listed benefits we need to adhere to some best practices which would protect us from and stop online rogues from abusing our social media accounts which could also allow them to attack our friends.

I will be releasing a video this week where I share one basic tip that is foundational to all we will be discussing in the coming months on this platform… make sure you stay up on Wednesday (10th July 2019) evening for the YouTube video… see you then…

Happy belated Social Media Day!!

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