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Our kids face threats on the Internet... Parents! Are you aware?

Our children's engagement on the Internet are at very intense levels in 2019... We are learning that our kids are being exposed to threats that most of us were not aware of. According to Symantec... If we allow our young children spend considerable time surfing the web unsupervised - they would inadvertently be exposed to the following threats:-

  • Inappropriate Content

  • Chat Room 'Friends'

  • Cyber Bullying

  • Online Scams

We must remember that we are the parent... We must not give up on guiding our children through life... We must control how much of the internet our kids use... We have learnt that most of our kids engagement is via smartphones - Some of the parents are bullied into purchasing these handsets for their kids. It might sound and seem out-modish to many, but if we need our children to stay in touch (seems to be the rationale) with us whilst they are away from home - we can still purchase a normal phone (without all the bells and whistles) for them to use in emergencies...

We should not 'fall for' the arguments they present - "I need social media to stay in touch with you" - They can use a phone call or the SMS text messaging functionality of a normal phone...

As parents, we truly need to stand up and do what we are supposed to do for our kids to prevent them from being exposed to these reported internet threats which are on the increase.

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