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We must reduce the time we spend staring at a screen - It is now or never!!

Family Cyber Clinic

I am sure many of you will agree with me that we are all watching less Traditional TV as families… Our new pre-occupation is now on the smaller screens of our Smartphones and Tablets… notice I said WE (Parents and Kids).

The issue for me is that our kids are put in a very difficult position… as the ones (parents) who are supposed to be leading by example are spending as much time (if not more) staring at a small screen…

The importance of this has prompted me to research ways we can change this trend… And so the next video upload on the Family Cyber Clinic will reveal what I have found and you cannot afford to miss it…

The video would be available on Thursday (13th of June 2019)… If you have subscribed and clicked the bell on the Family Cyber Clinic YouTube channel, you will be alerted. If you have not subscribed, you must do so without further delay.

If you needed further encouragement to tune in on Thursday the 13th of June… See below… I found the information on this website

Spending too much time on screens has been linked to not getting enough sleep, poor grades, and a greater risk of obesity. For years, the American Academy of Paediatrics has recommended no more than two hours of screen time for children and teenagers, and absolutely no screen time for children under 2.

You can see how this is feasible and why we urgently need to do something about it.

See you on the channel

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